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E.F.Vincent Consulting Group provides Enterprise class, large scale software development services specializing in Security, Finance, and Messaging. We are currently engaged in a series of projects for the US Department of State.

Product Development

FrontLine™ Security Extensions™ for Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server 2007

Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server 2007 has a basic mechanism for securing documents in document libraries. Many organizations have requirements for complex rules surrounding access to documents in SharePoint Server® 2007. These rules may include company or domain specific security algorithms. FrontLine™ augments the security available in SharePoint® Service 2007 with a robust rule driven access control system. An organization can choose to describe thier specific security needs in the FrontLine™ Rules Engine™, or if additional customization is required, it can utilize  FrontLine™ Extended Custom Security™.

With FrontLine™ Extended Custom Security™, an organization can implement extensions written in any .NET™ compatible language. These extensions serve to integrate FrontLine with the organization's existing buisness logic. For example, suppose a sales organization wishes to control access to document libraries (or other assets) based on real time, constantly updated sales data. The most efficient solution may be to write custom extensions that allows FrontLine™ to refer to this specialized sales data as part of determining access. The organization can minimize the duplication of logic that already exists in legacy systems, having only to build the glue that binds thier data to FrontLine™.

As development continues, look for further updates at this web site. We will be making an RSS feed available in the coming weeks.

Development Timeline

FrontLine™ is currently under development. E.F. Vincent Consulting Group plans a limited beta release in the first quarter of 2009. General availability is targeted for summer of 2009. At this early stage of development, we are open to inquiries, but participation in the development process and early alpha and beta releases is by invitation only.

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